Tuesday, October 6, 2020

4 Types Of Friends To Watch Out For

 When people talk about fake friends,i luckily can’t relate. So long, I’ve been blessed with great friends who look out for me, support my work and deeply wish me well. Ain’t I lucky? Regardless, I’ll like to share my view on some type of friends you should embrace, watch out for, or altogether avoid.


1. TheOnes That Use You

These type of friends are only available as long as you remain valuable to them. They are the friends that pop up when they need 2k urgently, they slide in your dm when they see you posting fly pictures on your status.

They are the friends that reach out to you when there’s a hangout where everyone can borrow each others wigs and clothes to attend a party. The type that relate and check up on you once in a while so they can easily warm up to you when they need a favour; or just to tell other people they know you. These type of friends forget about you once you’ve lost whatever made you relevant in the first place. 


2. The Motivators

These type of friends care about your goals and ambition. They are the type to push you out of your comfort zone, making sure you are not lazy, trying their best to connect you to new opportunities that would make you great. Some people are naturally weak, they need a leader, a strong positive influence that would nurture and help their talent to grow.

Some people are shy, they need friends who would teach them how to be dauntless and confident. The type of friends you would want to emulate either because they speak well, or because they work hard, or because they break boundaries.


3. The Bad-Belle and Gossip-pro-max

This are the worst. They secretly wish they had what you have. They envy how supposedly smooth your life is. Your relationship, the type of family you come from, how learned you are, your work,your business, and so on. Rather than work to improve, they take joy in demeaning everything you stand for and tarnishing your image. They are the type that are ready to spill your secrets at the slightest disagreement.

They are the type to poison the mind of other friends against you or influence your spouse to be with them.


4. The Quiet Ones That Mind Their Business

Sadly, often times, these group of friends are tagged ‘proud’, probably because they say less, mind their business, they won’t let you into their personal space , they rarely turn up when you invite them for parties and other social gathering. Some of them could be introverts, misfits, depressed , or maybe they just don’t like you. They are easy going, if they wish you well, you’d know. If they dislike you, you’d see .

All in all, choose your friends right. Good friends ensure you have a good life and care about your future, bad friends couldnt care less whether you made it or not.


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