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5 Things To Do When You Are Fed Up With Everything



The first step is to figure out the problem. Is it school? money? relationship? mood swings? family drama? unemployment? Knowing how you keep yourself stuck will help you to stop repeating the same old story. It will give you the freedom to take action that’s truly aligned with where you want to go and who you want to be.



18 Everyday Things That Are Fed Up With Your Crap (My Illustrations) | Bored Panda
Trust me, it is not worth it. You’re a people-pleaser if you do things to keep others happy or keep the peace, even if it’s something you don’t really want to do.
You find that you change how you act around certain people just to make them feel more comfortable.

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You’re a people-pleaser if you behave and speak in ways that you think will make others like you more or accept you. People-pleasing is not kindness. And being someone that you think others expect you to be is getting you nowhere. It takes away from your path, your success, the things you want to accomplish and how you want to spend your time.
Putting others first to make them happy, when done too often, can take away from your happiness. There is a difference between selfish behavior and putting your needs first..
You aren’t valuing yourself and your desires when you put them on the back burner and put everyone else above yours.


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Set boundaries. Let people know their limits when it comes to you. Let them know its not okay to mess with you. It’s okay to set limits on what you will accept regarding how people treat you and what they ask of you. The boundaries you set for yourself are personal and can also be flexible. Setting boundaries basically means identifying the rights you set for yourself and choosing to adhere to them.

How to Create and Set Healthy Boundaries

Understand that when you start to change your behavior, some people may not like it. They have become used to you accommodating them and their needs. So be prepared for some pressure or push back when you begin to assert yourself.
If they get irritated or angry, remember that you can’t control what others think of you and it really isn’t your business anyway.


New Environment Who 'Dis ? | Positive quotes, Inspirational quotes motivation, Great inspirational quotes

Doing the same thing everyday can be boring and frustrating, probably pushing you into unsuspecting depression. Take a break from your round-the-clock activities, try something new, something different. New movies could give you brand new orientations, new friends will give you new ideas.Get out of the boring routine for one or two hours a week by doing a safari or a picnic will give you a refresh from while to while, that is my way to avoid monotony.


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Make a stop on the road to make an act of reflection about possible factors involved in your current state of existential conflict, with the purpose of identifying the reason of said situation.
Once you have identified the factor or factors related to the “boredom of life”, find new motivations and reorient your expectations and life goals.

Prayers in the Bible: Scripture Quotes about Praying
Of course, after the reflection and before the action, a period of inner peace is possible, which can be achieved through prayer or meditation.

We stand together as youths and as a country.

Much love.

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