Saturday, October 24, 2020

#EndSars:How To Stay Sane In The Midst Of All The Madness

 Nigeria has had the busiest, traumatizing, and most overwhelming month. Being a Nigerian, right now, is the craziest thing. We thought the protests was the worst that could happen, but Lekki Toll's shooting had us all on our knees; Then Bubu gave the worst of all speeches. It would have been better if he didn't say anything. Next thing we are finding hidden palliatives. WTF

A lot of Nigerians would be going through loads of emotional stress right now; our hearts go out to the families that have lost someone in the course of the chaos. Should we even talk about the hoodlums looting private businesses? or setting people's hard-earned establishments on fire?

We all need a therapist; even our therapist sef needs a therapist 

Lets just talk about how to maintain our sanity till we get our Canadian visas

Being emotionally healthy doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time. It means you’re aware of your emotions. You can deal with them, whether they’re positive or negative. Emotionally healthy people still feel stress, anger, and sadness. But they know how to manage their negative feelings. They can tell when a problem is more than they can handle on their own
Emotional health allows you to work productively and cope with the stresses of everyday life. It can help you realize your full potential. It helps you work with other people and contribute to society.

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It also affects your physical health
People who have good emotional health can still have emotional problems or mental illness. Mental illness often has a physical cause. This could be from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Stress and problems with family, work, or school can trigger mental illness or make it worse.
Be aware of your emotions and reactions.Notice what in your life makes you sad, frustrated, or angry. Try to address or change those things.
Express your feelings in appropriate ways.Let people close to you know when something is bothering you. Keeping feelings of sadness or anger inside adds to stress. It can cause problems in your relationships and at work or school.
Think before you act.Give yourself time to think and be calm before you say or do something you might regret.

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Manage stress. Learn relaxation methods to cope with stress. These could include deep breathing, meditation, and exercise.
Strive for balance.Find a healthy balance between work and play, and between activity and rest. Make time for things you enjoy. Focus on positive things in your life.
Take care of your physical health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, and get enough sleep. Don’t abuse drugs or alcohol. Keep your physical health from affecting your emotional health.
Connect with others. Make a lunch date, join a group, and say hi to strangers. We need positive connections with other people.

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Find purpose and meaning.Figure out what’s important to you in life, and focus on that. This could be your work, your family, volunteering, care-giving, or something else. Spend your time doing what feels meaningful to you.
Stay positive.Focus on the good things in your life. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and forgive others. Spend time with healthy, positive people.

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