Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Its All Gonna Be Ok: #EndSars

 There's a lot of mess going on right now. I watched a couple of videos online since the protest began, and i must say its crazy. Seriously, if you gotta get high, get high. A lot of overwhelming-fucked-up things has happened this year and it has weighed heavily on everyone's sanity, especially the youths.


Nigerian youths have great potential, they get to foreign countries and do exceedingly well; why cant home be 'home' for us? Why cant our own home allow us to be prosperous? A country that thinks its not normal for a 19 year old to have an iphone, or for a 25 year old to own a nice car, or for a youth to buy a house???

Prayers are up for the souls and families of those that died in the course of these protest, may it not be in vain.

Its quite disheartening that the ones who are supposed to govern with peace,love, and fairness, are the ones solely sponsoring affliction in the country. How the hell does SARS become SWAT?????? 

Truly "Buhari has been  bad boy", the government has fed a lot of bullshit down our throats, and its really beautiful to see Nigerian youths united.

Everything will be Ok, SARS must end, the government must be dissolved and reorganized coz they've sat on power too long; They've been rotating power within the same circle for 60 years.

In short, its not only SARS that must end, everything that has to do with all the politicians must end too.

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