Thursday, October 1, 2020

Men Are Not Fools. 5 Ways To Save Your Relationship

 If you are sure your man is your man, and your babe is truly your girlfriend (as per say una dey date no be say na you dey date youself…); Then bear this easy clues in mind.

1. Choose Your Struggle. Money or Love

One of the major hazards in a relationship is lack of contentment. If you are not content with your partner,DONT EVER MANAGE THEM! Ladies, you shouldn’t have a boyfriend and back him up with a sugar daddy, o wrong naw. If you have a boyfriend that is not financially bouyant and you can’t manage the little he has, don’t date him and at the same time follow other men just because you don’t want to seem “demanding” or you don’t want to “stress” him. Pick one. Either you follow the money by going away with the rich men, or you follow the love by staying faithful to your man. Karma is a real asshole… Be careful. Men are not fools


2. Don’t Expect Too Much

We have to understand and accept the concept of “People Change”. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend Is human. Humans change when they meet new people or when they get exposed to new opportunities and ideas. Cultivate the habit of loving yourself and learning to let go. The ability to move on from anything gives you the strength to wade through whatever storm could come your way. Expectations kill, especially when it comes from someone you truly care about. Don’t expect too much from you.

3. Learn To Give. 

As ladies, you should learn to make sacrifices for your man too . Don’t always sit at the recieving end alone. Men love to be spoilt and pampered too. It costs nothing to buy the simplest gifts, show some love too. It’s appalling when ladies say “I stood by him when he had nothing”… What did you do for him? What was the support you gave him… Sex????… Lol


4. Madam, Stay In One Place

Loyalty goes beyond the physical. You at times wonder why its the lowly, easy-going, naive girls that get the best men that would do anything for them? It’s loyalty. God sees the sincerity of your heart and the purity of your soul when you stick to one man, pray for him, and stand by him. It’s a whole type of blessing on its own. Like I said earlier, STAY IN ONE PLACE

5. Pray

Sis, PRAY. Prayers solve a lot. Cultivate the habit of praying for your man. YOUR MAN o,I didnt say someone else’s boyfriend that you are sleeping with… YOUR MAN. When the times are good, pray. When the going gets tough,pray.

God bless us all.


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