Monday, October 5, 2020

Nigeria At The Risk Of A Break Up;A United States Of Nigeria Is Proposed

 Here we go again, threatened with another division; like everyone suddenly forgot Biafra. With all that is in place, another war is brewing on several ends. In the history of secession, splits, and country divisions, there has always been massive bloodshed.

According to the statement signed by the coordinator of IPOB members in South Africa, Ogechukwu Isu, “they – Biafrans are not fearful of the prospect of a second civil war. They are not prepared to settle for crumbs, and neither do they fear death, conflict, defeat, incarceration, butchery or persecution. Biafrans determined to restore Biafra. Will this country ever be one? It was never one anyway.  Biafra or Nigeria…

To further buttress how much of trouble we’ve stepped into, Pastor E.A Adeboye warned that there is a great possibility of collapse if the Buhari-led government looked on as the country is falling into several acts of terrorism. He further added that “Why can’t we have a system of government that will create what I will call the United States of Nigeria? Let me explain. We all know that we must restructure. It is either we restructure or we break, you don’t have to be a prophet to know that one. That is certain – restructure or we break up.

In his concluding words, he said “Without any doubt, we must restructure and do it as soon as possible. A United States of Nigeria is likely to survive than our present structure.”


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