Tuesday, January 26, 2021

EndSars Protesters Wants To Join the Nigeria Police Force Because It’s The Best In The World, IGP Says

The Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force, Adamu Muhammed has revealed that participants of the #EndSars nation wide protest wants to join the police force.

The I.G made this known yesterday in an interaction with Channels Television Newsnight.

He said: “The youths who participated in the #EndSARS and the rest of them, many of them want to join the police.

“Many of them will come and say, ‘Please, we want to join the police,’ because the service the police provide is a service of God.”

He also said the Nigeria Police officers are claimed to be the best in the world and that they would even outperform their counterparts in the advanced countries if they were provided with the right working logistics.

In his words, “If you put Nigerian police officers side by side with even police officers from advanced countries, give them the same logistics, you will see Nigeria police officers performing better than those that are coming from the so-called advanced countries.

“It is only in Nigeria that you have police officers that don’t have the required logistics that they need to operate, they struggle and make the society peaceful.

“When you take them out of the country to an international environment where those logistics that are required for you to do policing job are there, you will see them performing wonderfully well. That is why Nigerian police officers are claimed to be the best in the world,” he said.

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