Monday, January 18, 2021

Uganda Lifts Lockdown On Internet

The Ugandan government has now partially reopened the internet for it’s citizens five days after it was blocked during the country’s Presidential elections.

The blocking of the internet by was one of the many events that marred the election according to the opposition party, led by musician turned lawmaker Bobi Wine.

According to a government official, other platforms would also be opened in due course.

In an interview with AFP, he said “The internet has been restored. Other platforms are still under review,

 We shall go full throttle depending on what happens in the initial phase of opening connectivity… We advise internet users, especially those from the opposition, not to use it to promote hate messages, threats and intimidation.”

Incumbent President  Yoweri Musveni won the elections and was declared the winner having polled 58.6 percent of the vote making it his sixth term after 35 years in power.

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