Tuesday, June 15, 2021

No Lands For Herdsmen In My State - Ebonyi Gov.

Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi has said his administration won’t provide lands for cattle farmers to use for ranching purposes.

Gov. Umahi said this decision wasn’t taken by his APC led administration but by the people of Ebonyi state.

The Governor made this statement yesterday while on the political programme “Politics Today” on Channels Television which was monitored by The Punch Newspaper.

In Gov. Umahi words, “This is not about the governors, it is about the people, so, whatever position the people take in this regard, that is what will happen. There is no land in this regard that is not owned by individuals, corporate bodies.

“I have heard about three communal crisis in my state, and it is all about land. .There is a place that I am building a medical university and the people of that village, for a project that is almost completed, went and brought it down. They prefer to have their farms than a medical college. So, land is a different ball game altogether.”

“They have said they have no land for ranching. They put me where I am. If I have one acre of land and I am talking about giving land for ranching, I should be talking about that particular land. I can’t be talking about somebody’s land. Yes, constitutionally, I have control over the land but you have to kill all the people to get the land” he added.

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