Monday, July 5, 2021

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Under fire for Releasing the movie "Oko Iyabo" on YouTube


Yoruba actor and filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi is under fire for releasing the movie, "Oko Iyabo" on YouTube.

When the actor stated some weeks back that he was going to release the movie borne out of the name people were calling him (Oko Iyabo) on social media, many people thought he was either bluffing or chasing clout. Apparently he was neither bluffing nor chasing clout when he released the movie on YouTube on Sunday July 4th. 

The release of the movie was followed with a lot of controversy as the filmmaker portrayed the accused person of the ongoing saga as the victim, and painted his female colleague as a prostitute in the movie, using their real names. 

A lot of his colleagues in the movie industry were disappointed at the content of the movie and he got a lot of name calling online causing him to pull down the movie from YouTube. Prior to him pulling down the movie a lot of movie watchers that saw the movie called for it to be pulled down by YouTube. See more comments from Twitter below..

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