Friday, July 2, 2021

The Costly Mistake Buhari Is Making Against Igboho by Alexander Ubani

Sunday Igboho

The DSS and Buhari got it very wrong by invading the house of Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Igboho. Let me tell you the truth, Nigerians are not fools. The same pattern the security operatives used in invading Nnamdi Kanu’s house and killing his loved ones, that’s the same style they are using for Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho.

Is it a crime to agitate for your own country? Why do the federal government demonize agitators as if they are next thing to terrorists? If a man seeks to separate from you, the simple thing you do is to put up a referendum to decide their fate. You don’t frame such a person up and use security operatives to hunt him down, kill his family and destroy his home. By so doing, you are creating a monster that will consume the nation.

You are also mistakenly creating sympathizers who see the injustice as an opportunity to join the freedom fighter.

The DSS had on Thursday confirmed that its operatives invaded the activist’s home killing and arresting his supporters at night. Curiously, they said that they recovered AK-47 gun.

Under Buhari’s order, security operatives have shown impunity - the Lekki shooting that was denied; the invasion of homes of judges etc. I dare say that I believe insinuations that the so-called guns they claim were recovered from Igboho’s house were planted there to make it seem like he’s a criminal. The whole idea is to use force to squash his secessionist ideals, force him to a compromise by using security operatives to hunt and attack him. Buhari has forgotten that Nigerians have been following his moves and were waiting for this leg. He doesn’t know by his actions that he’s bringing the breakup of the country closer when he opts to attack, intimidate and kill people seeking for self-determination. His preference to shield, protect criminal herdsmen and bandits from the north while using all manner of force available against people from the south is the glaring picture every southerner sees. He makes his nepotistic disposition so clear that there is nothing to hide again.

Of course the northerners are jubilating, hailing the president as ‘Buhari the first, protector of the northern realm, king of the caliphate.’ Indeed, this is a difficult time to be a southerner watching all the injustice in Buhari’s administration and remaining helpless. I was on Nairaland some days ago reading as northerners jubilated over the arrest of Kanu. Some said he should be locked inside a jail with a cow. I didn’t see such enthusiasm from them when the death of terrorist leader Abubakar Shekau was announced. In fact, it was an opposite response with some northerners hailing Shekau as a hero. This left me thinking that the northerners could be rejoicing over the arrest of Kanu because he’s an Igbo man. It occurred to me that anything that sees to the humiliation of the Igbo man is elixir to them.

Buhari by his own doing has divided Nigeria more than anyone alive today. Of course, when a nation like Nigeria with many tribes sees appointments favouring a particular ethnic group the way Buhari filled almost all important positions with northerners, there is bound to be agitations. You can’t be preaching one Nigeria with one hand and use the other hand to also be preaching against it. That is exactly what Buhari is doing.

You can’t be releasing terrorists back to the society, pampering bandits who have terrorized communities and killed hundreds of innocent people and expect people not to want their own country. You openly show support for killer herdsmen, making up excuses for them, but send the army and DSS to kill and destroy homes of people who say they are tired of living as Nigerians because of the glaring injustice by Buhari. And when the Attorney General of a whole country decides to address the country first in Hausa, you know for real who the first-class citizens are.

Come off it old man, you are creating a monster that will consume Nigeria.

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