Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Blogger's Journal: Before You Relocate To Any City, State or Country, Please Do Some Research

What you should know before you relocate to another state, no matter what part of the world you live in... My bad, I did not say hello first. Hello neighbors, how are you all doing?

The internet have too many activities these days that I stopped trying to catch up; I logon and do the few I can, then back to work again. Meanwhile, I have a breather this evening and said I should say hello to my country people.

Few people have asked me to share my relocation update (cos I promised to do so but got busy).

Okay let's get to the main gist.

Before you relocate to a new State, city, country or continent (abi) please shine your eyes o. Chai! Even though my relocation decision was made in two weeks, I could say I did enough research to avoid stories that touch. Was the research I did really ENOUGH? The answer is half yes and half no. Lol

Seriously, this is a case of what I ordered versus what I got nio my people.

First of all, we don't pay state tax in the state of Texas, electricity bill is reasonable, water bill can easily be paid with your lunch money, car insurance is fair enough not to send you back to your village, and rent is good too.

Can I say the same about the state of Maryland D.C area? The answer is NO. Electricity bill is big  enough to buy a house in the sky (LMAO.. literally), one month of water bill is used to pay for two months in another state. Car insurance nko? Don't even get me started; it will pay for a studio apartment in Antarctica (Lol..literally). Now let's talk about rent; that one will send you back to your village. The apartments are old and have seen good days, so, to get a nice luxury apartment, you have to be ready to use your one month salary (if you earn good) as rent.

Now let's talk about tax deduction from paycheck *grabs tissue to wipe my sweat* They deduct county and state tax from your check (including the regular federal tax, social security, medical, and retirement deductions). 

My oh my, three month in, and I was ready to pack my bags and head back to Texas. Texas oh my Texas, how I miss you so much.

Whenever I go to a government office to change any document as a new resident of Maryland, the staff at the office give me the look of 'what are you doing in Maryland?' Some have been bold enough to ask me why I left Texas for Maryland. In a lady's voice, "Why would you leave an affordable beautiful state for an insanely expensive state?" I usually just answer, 'I must be high on orange juice'... lol. Some of them tell me how they can't wait to relocate to Texas cos they have heard a lot of beautiful things about the state, especially the part where they do no have to pay state tax.

Seriously, Maryland is pricey and filled with mostly old buildings. Whew! Oh well, I am still here but I won't be surprised if I pack my bags tomorrow and head back home (Texas). 

My love for Texas is so pure and true because even after over a year of moving to another state, the love (for Texas) has not depreciated in any way. I have not loved or love any other state like that before. 

Before you move, make sure you do your research, weigh the pros and cons before you make your final decision. 

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