Monday, January 18, 2021

Uganda Lifts Lockdown On Internet

The Ugandan government has now partially reopened the internet for it’s citizens five days after it was blocked during the country’s Presidential elections.

The blocking of the internet by was one of the many events that marred the election according to the opposition party, led by musician turned lawmaker Bobi Wine.

According to a government official, other platforms would also be opened in due course.

In an interview with AFP, he said “The internet has been restored. Other platforms are still under review,

 We shall go full throttle depending on what happens in the initial phase of opening connectivity… We advise internet users, especially those from the opposition, not to use it to promote hate messages, threats and intimidation.”

Incumbent President  Yoweri Musveni won the elections and was declared the winner having polled 58.6 percent of the vote making it his sixth term after 35 years in power.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Lagos PDP Chapter Approves Seyi Makinde As S/West Party Chairman

The People’s Democratic Party, Lagos chapter has given it’s support to Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde to assume the leadership duties of the party in the Southwest.

This was according to the Deputy National Chairman of the PDP in Lagos, Alhaji Waliu Hassan yesterday at a meeting with Governor Seyi Makinde alongside other members of the party from Lagos.

He lauded the role the Governor has played in the party so far and to affirm their loyalty to his leadership.

Addressing newsmen after the meeting yesterday, former lawmaker Rita Orji pleaded with the Governor to continue to do his best to ensure that the party is returned to it’s rightful place ahead of the 2023 elections.

She said, “
The purpose of today’s meeting is to thank Governor Makinde for standing by the party and to pledge total loyalty to his leadership of the South-West. No more, no less.

“We can tell you that the governor does not want anything from us. He, as the Chief Security Officer of Oyo State, needs nothing from the party. Rather, we are the ones who came all the way from Lagos to plead with him to keep leading the party.

“We resolved to, irrespective of any rancour, move the party forward and we will ensure that the party takes its better seat in 2023. We did not come here to discuss who takes anything for zonal congress. The congress will soon come up and for all we care, we have come to restate our commitment to our own governor.

 It is the full structure of Lagos that is represented here. Out of 19, we have the representation of 12 local government chairmen. We also have 17 complete non-working committee members of state exco here present. We have the deputy chairman of the party here. We have the secretary, legal adviser and the entire party structure of Lagos State here. This is a complete House of PDP, Lagos State” she concluded.

COVID-19 Worsens In Nigeria As Country Records Highest Daily Cases Ever With 1,867 New Infections

File photo

It has been reported that Nigeria has reported its highest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day.

This new number of infections broke a record set just one week ago as the virus continues to spread rapidly across the nation.

On Friday, barely a day after Nigeria announced it’s worst day of the pandemic with 23 lives lost, a total of 1,867 new infections were found in 23 states across the country – the highest daily infection toll ever.

Cases have been on the rise as the second wave of the coronavirus continues to spread.

One in every six persons (16 per cent) tested for COVID-19 in Nigeria in the past two weeks were positive.

The 1,867 new cases pushed the total number of infections in the country to 107,345.

Why I Started Acting Like A Woman – Instagram Comedian, Zicsaloma Reveals

Aloma Isaac

Aloma Isaac, the Nigerian Instagram comedian who is popularly known as Zicsaloma, is an online comedian.

Well known for his female characters and funny facial expressions, he has a following of 223,000 followers on Instagram. He talks to TOLUWALOPE KAREEM about his life as a social media celebrity

How did your journey into comedy start?

It started in 2017 after my exit from The Voice Nigeria (singing reality competition). It was something I did not plan to do. I did not even know I had the ability to make people laugh. I just saw one of my mum’s church hats and decided to try it on. As soon as I wore it, I got into character and started recording. I decided to share the video on Facebook and it got people laughing and asking for more. Since then, I have not stopped.

What are the challenges you have faced?

One of the major challenges I have faced is getting recognition. There was a small audience that enjoyed and anticipated my skits but I needed to reach out to a larger audience. I did not have enough money to pay blogs to post my videos and get more awareness. So, I would say growing my fan base was a major challenge.

Have you ever been a victim of online bullying?

Yes, I have but it was not really serious. I understood how the Internet worked before putting myself out there so I did not let people’s words or threats disturb me.

How were you able to grow your followership to over 200,000?

I have been able to build my followers through persistence and strategy. There was a period I was stuck with about 20,000 followers for more than a year. I started researching and strategising on how to grow my followers online. Today, I have close to a million followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

Which of your videos brought you fame?

I actually cannot point to a particular video that brought me fame. I became active on Tiktok during the COVID-19 lockdown. All of a sudden, I started having many trending videos at the same time on Tiktok. Many blogs on Facebook and Instagram also shared my videos simultaneously. However, some of my early most successful videos were the ones where I showed how African parents prepared their kids for school, types of Immigration officers, types of nurses, and the different types of women in church.

How would you describe your childhood?

My childhood was that of an average Nigerian child. I was born in a military barracks in Kaduna State. I come from an average family, where we could comfortably meet our basic needs such as food and shelter. My dad is a retired soldier and my mum worked as a secretary. They never failed to buy Christmas clothes and meet my essential needs.

What efforts do you put into performing your skits?

Making a skit where one plays different characters is not easy. Firstly, I have to brainstorm and write scripts for my videos. There are times I would have to do the shoot myself and also edit the videos. This is in addition to playing multiple roles, which is very taxing because one would have to change costumes. There are times one would forget some parts of a character’s dialogue and only realise the error while editing the video. One would be left with no choice but to get dressed again to reenact the scene and include the lines one forgot. Getting one’s costumes and locations for some particular skits could also be very taxing. For instance, one could need a shop to shoot a skit. One would meet different shop owners. Some could decline, some could ask you to pay, and some would gladly allow you.

Have any of your skits got you into trouble?

No, none of my skits has put me in trouble.

Beyond being a comedian on social media, what other activities are you involved in?

I am a singer. I was well into music before I knew I was even a comedian. I am also a writer. I write prose, drama and poetry.

How lucrative has social media been for you?

Yes, I have. I started off not knowing people could make money from social media. I took my comedy career more seriously because I felt fulfilled seeing people genuinely laugh at my materials. As I grew bigger on social media, I started getting some really good offers that paid fairly well and really took my time. I had to quit my regular job to face comedy squarely. I have never regretted quitting my regular. Brand influencing is indeed lucrative.

What kind of doors has your presence on social media opened for you?

I have met several people I never imagined I would meet within a short time. I have worked with some top celebrities I watched while growing up. Social media presence has attracted favours from strangers. I get gifts at regular intervals from people who follow my journey. It has also opened international doors. I can keep going on.

What are some of the funny requests you’ve got from women?

There have been so many of them. I often get requests such as, “Can you come to my house”? “Can I live with you”?

Negative comments seem to be inevitable on social media. How do you handle them?

I simply ignore negative comments. I would not say they don’t get to me but over time, I have trained myself not to be discouraged or affected by negative comments. I understand that people are different and I cannot please everyone. I concentrate more on positive comments. That is what keeps me going.

Do you wish you were as popular in real life as you are on social media?

I do not think so. I actually want to be like every other person out there so I consider being popular in real life as a great limitation. I am the kind of person who wants to sneak into a place and out without being noticed. I can remember entering a pepper soup joint one day and I was recognised by the host for the night. I was the topic of the night and there was nothing he did not say. So, on the contrary, I often wish I am not popular on social media.

Where do you get ideas for your skits?

I get ideas from the things that happen every day. They include things I have experienced, other people’s experiences, spontaneous imaginations and sometimes, ideas from friends and fans.

What inspired the female characters you use in your skits?

I have been around females a lot. I have been in choirs where there were more females than males. I was in the English department where there were 90 per cent females. Besides, I lived with my mum and younger sister. My mum’s old church cloths also ‘encouraged’ the female characters. I did not start (making skits) with emphasis on female characters. But I noticed that anytime I played a female character, the audience enjoyed it more. That naturally made me to tilt more towards playing female roles.

What distinguishes you from other online comedians?

That would be my characters. I have several characters and most of them are not portrayed as wealthy, and not many comedians do that. Many people seem to relate to the social class I placed my characters. Rich people in Nigeria are not the majority, and even many people who are now wealthy came from humble backgrounds, so most people can actually relate to those characters.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

While in secondary school, there was a day I sought to take permission from my mathematics teacher to use the rest room. But, she rained insults on me in front of the class. Not because I was not supposed to take permission but because she felt I was not good at mathematics and I was ‘big for nothing’. I cried in the toilet that day endlessly because I hate being insulted in front of people.

What advice do you have for young talents?

I would advise them to work hard. Many people want to be like one but if one gives them targets, they are often too lazy to meet them. Persistence, consistency, self development and humility are the major keys to success. I often ask content creators who ask me how I grew to this point that, ‘If you stumble on your social media page, would you follow yourself’? I would leave the up-and-coming ones with that question as food for thought.

Have you ever been trolled online because of your videos?

I get trolls once in a while but even then, I ignore them. If one pays a lot of attention to trolls, one would always be trying to defend oneself. And, if one does that, that means one is oiling the machinery of trolls.


Source: The PUNCH

Check Out The Hilarious Way Parents Punished Their Daughter Who Broke Eggs Then Blamed The Dog

The father and mother of a little girl have some up with a rather hilarious but quite unique way to punish her for her naughty behaviour.

The parents wrote her "crimes" on a sheet of paper and took photos of her with her "charge sheet".

She was charged for breaking eggs and other household items after which she hid them behind the couch and blamed the dog.

The incident happened on Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021.

Her parents also took several "mugshots" of the girl with "inmate" written on her charge sheet, together with her prison number.

The dog was not left out too.

See photos below:





Photos Of Conjoined Twins Who Were Separated At The University Of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (Photos)

In what will come across as a really exciting development, some conjoined twins have been separated at the University of Ilorin Teaching hospital.

The twins were separated were successfully separated by a team of medical experts on Thursday, January 14.

The babies were separated by a 66-member all Nigerian team of paediatric surgeons, paediatricians, paediatric cardiologist, anaesthetists, cardiothoracic surgeon, nurses, pharmacists, behavioral scientists and many more.

The team was led by Paediatric surgeon, Prof Lukman Abdul-Rahman who is pictured above carrying the babies.




Horror! Nigerian Man Allegedly Kills His Best Friend, Buries Him Inside Shallow Grave In Uncompleted Building

Photo credit: AIT

One Raymond Ibrahim has been arrested by the Plateau State Police Command, AIT reports.

The man was nabbed after he allegedly killed his best friend, Micah Luka, and buried him in a shallow grave in an uncompleted building in Jos, the Plateau State capital.

AIT has visited the scene of the crime and confirmed the killing to be true.

Residents of Double Dollar around the British America Junction woke up on Christmas eve to the shocking news after a revelation by one Raymond Ibrahim, who works as a security man in an uncompleted building, that he killed his close friend Micah Luka, and buried him in the same building as confirmed by the State Police Command.

The body of the victim was however exhumed after 9 days.

According to a family member of the deceased, they became suspicious on Christmas day when they received a text message from their brother that he had relocated to Lagos for greener pastures.

The owner of the uncompleted building when contacted said the situation took him by surprise and has also instituted a case against his security man.

For now, The body of the victim has since been deposited at the mortuary of the Jos University Teaching Hospital and all the family is asking for is justice.
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